2017 GRAND PRIZE: $10,000

Surfacing medical technologies that are making an impact

in the rapidly changing landscape of medicine.

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The Quadruple Impact Challenge, a competition supporting innovation in on the ground solutions and ideas that are creating impact, big and small, in the changing environment of medicine, comes to a head at the live Pitch-Off event at MedTech Impact Expo & Conference.  Six finalists, selected from more than 100 entries submitted through the Summer of 2017, will compete live on Thursday, December 14, 2017 in front of a live audience and distinguished panel expert judges. Judges will review each of the 6 finalist’s solutions and will choose a single grand prize winner, who will be awarded $10,000 in cash. A runner-up and third prize winner will also be selected and recognized for their achievement.

The following finalists will present their solutions at the Pitch-Off:

EpiWear – presented by: Benjamin Kaplan and Alon S. Levin

SafeStep – presented by: Naomi Javitt and Stephanie Raphael

HealthTree (Datastructr) – presented by: Michael Ramos, Dave Stepp, Jordan Taylor, Josh Stein

eToims – presented by: Jennifer Chu, MD, CEO of ETOIMS Medical Technology, LLC

Allevia (Valhalla Healthcare) – presented by: John Chen, co-founder/CTO and Alex Baqui, co-founder/CEO

Augmentx – presented by: Albert Kwon, MD

A special mention to Team GenXys and Martin Dawes, MD for their submission.

Admission to the pitch-off is included in your conference registration.