Global healthcare trends of aging populations, rising chronic disease prevalence and urbanization are bound to further strain healthcare systems already grappling with issues of healthcare access, quality, and cost. New treatment paradigms are required that integrate elements of prediction, prevention, and automation to make care more affordable and efficient.

This presentation will explore how the healthcare landscape is expected to evolve, outline new paradigms, highlight the key areas of growth within each sector and focus on challenges and opportunities including identification of the winning technologies.

You’ll learn how and to what degree will certain aspects of the healthcare industry transform by 2025; the role emerging technologies will play in disrupting current market paradigms; the new business models that will arise due to impending industry shifts; and the key sector-specific growth areas within healthcare.


Reenita Das

Reenita Das is a passionate disruptive thinker with over 25 years of healthcare consulting expertise, working currently on changing the eco system in the healthcare industry. Her expertise is in futuristic forecasts and understanding the place of healthcare 20 years from today- working with clients on the impact of these trend changes to their business; changing business models and convergence issues: identifying opportunities with companies outside of healthcare to bring solutions to the healthcare sector. Experience in working with companies for reverse innovation development; extensive experience with utilizing new technologies such as Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things and helping countries and companies create solutions around this; and understanding of emerging markets and the challenges of the complex business scenario enabling unique strategies to penetrate and operate efficiently. She has 10 years on the ground experience in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Brazil and Russia, covering broad range of sectors and industries, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants in medical devices and medical technology, connected health applications, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, and related industries such as CMOs and CROs, Regulatory. Logistics, digital communication technology, She has been extensively quoted in the press and TV such as Wall Street Journal, San Jose Mercury News, CNN, CNBC, BBC, Fierce Healthcare. India Today, Business Times etc.

Ms. Das is currently working on implementing Growth and Leadership for Women (GLOW) within Frost and Sullivan, where she serves as the first woman partner in the company.

Friday, December 15, 2017

8:00 am

– 9:00 am


Titian Ballroom

Reenita Das