Healthcare data analysis is difficult. Large banks of high-quality healthcare datasets for ML training are very difficult to obtain, and are a gating item for any learner. All that said, this makes it a perfect area for analytical insight (AI) and machine learning (ML). In this session, we talk about why healthcare data analysis seems like such an insurmountable task, explore how these applications are already being used be used in healthcare, and dig into the highest priority/hottest healthcare applications available.

We’ll also look at a case study involving a cohort of T2D patients using a ML data mining tool.

Michael Nova, MD

Dr. Nova is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Pathway Genomics, and was a founding team member of the company. He is the inventor of the Pathway-IBM/Watson Machine Learning A.I. mobile application: Panorama/OME; and the entire Wellness (Pathway FIT/Healthy Weight, SkinFIT), Cardiac and Mental Health line of genetic testing products for Pathway. Dr Nova has executed major corporate alliances with companies such as Medco/ESI, PepsiCo, DASA (Brazil), Biogenetika (Brazil), Achibadem (Turkey), IHH/Parkway (Singapore), IBM, Florida Hospital Group, Equinox Health, and many others. His scientific career began as a research associate at the Salk Institute in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Roger Guillemin, where he studied the genetics and proteomics of human growth factors and cancers. Michael was previously the founder and CEO of Discovery Partners Inc. (Nasdaq: DPII), which completed a successful $150M IPO and marketed wireless drug discovery technology and radiofrequency combinatorial chemistry to large pharmaceutical companies. Intellectual property developed by Dr. Nova at DPII included the original “barcode on bead” patents used by many diagnostic and DNA companies. He then founded the wireless sensory network company Graviton, where he was responsible for raising $60 million in capital from venture groups such as Kleiner Perkins, InQtel and large corporations such as Motorola and Qualcomm. Dr. Nova is also the 2005 World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneer Award Winner; and the physician of record on the first person ever to have their entire genome sequenced by Illumina (2009).


He is a member of the IBM Watson Advisory Board, the Metagenics Scientific Advisory Board, the Salk Institute NeuroAI group, and the Longevity Org Advisory Board.


Dr. Nova has over 30 issued, and 45 pending patents; and he has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. With degree’s in Biochemistry, Physics/Computer Science, and Medicine, Dr. Nova is a Board-certified Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist licensed in California. In his minimal spare time, Michael likes to surf big waves in Indonesia and Mexico, and he also helped build a WHO-sanctioned basic care clinic in the Fijian town of Nabila.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

1:00 pm

– 1:55 pm


Titian Ballroom

Michael Nova