This session will focus on unpacking the baggage of the patient and its association with pathophysiology and disease. “Person-centricity” represents the complexity of how individuals make health and decisions and more within the broader context of their lives, and accurately addresses the needs and aspirations of people throughout their life journeys. Person-centricity is an ongoing continuous, dynamic process in which all constructs and actions revolve around the person and his/her decisions. It profoundly transforms how our health-related and healthcare decisions are made and who has the authority and ability to make them. This is not simply a shift in semantics but an entirely new paradigm that frees the individual from assuming the patient role and dramatically changes the way individuals view themselves and their futures. As patients, we can expect little more than passivity & subservience, a poor model for embracing behavior & lifestyle change. The manner in which a person makes routine health related decisions are made as a person not a patient Patients don’t change people do!


Such a paradigmatic shift views the individual as a “regulating fulcrum” managing information and requires a supportive infrastructure to help evaluate and filter the information in a way that is consistent with his/her values, priorities, preferences, beliefs and aspirations Each of us must be the person most interested in our own well-being. It is presumptuous to think we know what the person really wants better than the person him or herself & we are often astonished by those presumptions. We can no longer jeopardize our personhood by passively and involuntarily restricting our identity- being defined by disease, condition or body part,


We can garner many clues and Old Wisdom from The Ancients as well as from diverse fields of medicine to help us. Health and the “good life” of the ancient Greeks was based on the mean between the extremes of self-indulgence and self-neglect. Hippocrates spoke of “Rules of Life”, essentially, the way one Lives one’s life. Each of us is the key to add years to our lives & life to our years


True engagement and behavior change requires continuously available, real-time, personalized and targeted nudging that is distinctive and meaningful to that person. To deliver and scale that we need the help of a platform of ecosystems and advanced technologies which together enable true synergies to leverage technologies to promote and sustain health, the right technology for the right person at the right time can help create a behavioral symphony of health and wellness.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

8:15 am

– 9:00 am


Titian Ballroom

Dennis Robbins