MedTech Impact on Wellness is a 3-day educational session that will take place during the 26th Annual American Academy of Anti-Aging Winter World Congress, December 13-15, 2018 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.


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A quick glimpse into some of the incredible topics we discussed in 2017’s MedTech program:

  • How much should we pay for healthcare? Technology’s answer to measuring value
  • The opportunities for technology-enabled services to support the transition to value-based payment in healthcare
  • Stakeholder-specific measurements of healthcare “value” and how some methods measure the impact of a specific intervention
  • How things will change in healthcare in the US with MACRA and value based payment
  • What interests the major stakeholders have
  • What physicians and hospitals are facing
  • Digital innovations assisting with provider’s needs, data capturing and sharing, mandatory CMS programs to improve clinical outcomes; patient experience (Patient Reported Outcomes Measures)
  • How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer
  • Current and future trends in healthcare delivery, traditional diagnostics and treatments that are accessed directly by patients; technologies replacing and augmenting healthcare practitioners
  • Exponential technology including how Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Storage, Sensors, 3D Printing, Computing Power, Systems and Networks are changing everything
  • How virtual care is enabled by the Cloud & connectivity
  • The global market size of telemedicine and its growth potential
  • Diagnostics on demand
  • From Patient to Person
  • Leveraging Technologies to Promote and Sustain Health
  • The Drone industry and its potential impression on healthcare
  • Genetic sequencing
  • Advantages of the Cloud
  • Market Size/Revenue of AI in Healthcare
  • Predictive Health Analytics using consumer data
  • Remote patient monitoring – market segments (biometric monitoring, diabetes monitoring, sensor technology going clinical, eye disease tracking in contact lenses, blood pressure tracking watch
  • Ingestible – examinations revolutionized – i.e. pills that perform colonoscopies
  • Virtual Reality/Artificial intelligence – PTSD, anxiety/pain control, stroke/paralysis rehab
  • Amount invested and estimates for 2020
  • 3D Printing (biological)


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