Speaker Spotlight: Dennis Robbins, M.P.H, Ph.D. | 2017 Conference Chair

- November 16, 2017

Dennis Robbins (M.P.H. Harvard, Ph.D., Boston College) is a prominent innovator, thought leader, and health activist. His distinguished career spans multiple sectors of health, wellness, health care, industry, medical and surgical devices and technology, disruptive innovation, ethics and policy.  His initial work on patient-centric engagement and now person-centricity ™ has stimulated a major paradigmatic shift in how we think about health, healthcare, and next generation engagement across diverse ecosystems.

Dr. Robbins was a National Fund for Medical Education Fellow, Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow at Harvard. He has advised Presidential and White house commissions, the military health system, start-ups, two US Supreme Court Cases and chaired the PCMH 2.O national think tank where he created the concept of person-centricity™, to help people become and stay healthier while adding years to their lives and life to their years. He blends elements of health information technologies, ethics, behavioral economics, exercise physiology, sleep, mindfulness, and healthy eating to bend the sickness curve. He serves on the boards or advisory boards of several companies and national organizations including the Global Innovation and Leadership Council of Frost and Sullivan and the American Heart Assn’s Technology and Innovation Advisory Board.

Dr. Robbins was a major force in the early Hospice Movement and worked closely across both aisles and CMS in helping to promote the Hospice Medicare benefit. His legacy of nine books and more than 400 articles is complimented by a plethora keynote presentations and panels. He has been recognized in the national media in such publications as Forbes, Medical Economics, Modern Healthcare, Hospital Ethics, and Managed Healthcare Executive who depicted him as among the top ten keenest thinkers in Managed Care.


Dr. Robbins serves as the Conference Chair for the MedTech Impact Expo & Conference, December 14-15, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.  He will lead a number of sessions on the agenda: Leveraging Technology and Person-Centricity to Help People Add Years to Their Lives and Life to Their YearsImpacting Clinical Outcomes with Innovation and Technology (Panel); and Medtech Challenges and Opportunities. Review the full agenda.




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