MedTech: The Educational Track

MedTech Impact on Wellness will be an educational track integrated into the 26th A4M/MMI World Congress, with an emphasis on bringing together clinicians, healthcare executives, technology and device developers and manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and members of the investment community. During a three-day dialogue that focuses on innovation and impact of medical technologies, healthcare practitioners and professionals will be introduced to products and services that can track patient progress. Speakers will also focus on protocols that can assist with diagnoses, prevent and manage disease, improve overall patient care, and promote the health of the person and populations.

The MedTech Impact on Wellness track at the World Congress will provide sessions that offer scientifically-based research and insight from thought-leaders in the field, coupled with lessons learned through case-studies and peer-to-peer sharing of best-practices and protocols. Attendees will gain an increased understanding of the ways in which to harness technology, to increase practice efficiency, and improve patient care. As telemedicine, predictive diagnostics, wearable sensors and a host of new apps continuously transform how people manage their health, our team is committed to cultivating an agenda rooted in the most clinically current digital health and medical technologies.

Last year’s conference keynote presenters included several thought leaders in modern medicine, all of whom had made significant contributions to the scope of digital health technology. Robin Farmanfarmaian—entrepreneur, founder, professional speaker, and author of Amazon bestseller “The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer”—discussed the availability of various digital technologies that can better help patients, and her investments in cutting-edge companies poised to impact 100 million people or more.

Pablos Holman, self-described “futurist, inventor, and notorious hacker,” focused on his design projects that assimilate the newest technological advances and developments, including 3D printing. With initiatives that include a fission reactor powered by nuclear waste, a machine to suppress hurricanes, strategies to reverse global warming, and a device designed to shoot mosquitos with lasers in order to eradicate malaria, Holman’s work represents an entirely new frontier of medicine—continuously challenging what was once considered possible in healthcare research.

Chief Medical Officer and Head of Healthcare & Fitness at Samsung Electronics America, Dr. David Rhew, evaluated the applications of specific technologies in improving and expanding the landscape of healthcare. Through his work to measurably improve the quality, safety, and efficacy of patient care, Dr. Rhew continuously seeks to actively engage patients and consumers in their health.