GlucoScanner Measures Glucose Levels Without Tissue Penetration

GlucoScanner Measures Glucose Levels Without Tissue Penetration

- March 4, 2018

Developed by Dynamic Brain Labs, LLC in Tokyo, this cutting edge device is a noninvasive sensor for blood glucose levels.  It uses optical technology and signal processing.  It does not require finger pricking.

In an interview, Stefano Valenzi, one of the company’s founders, explained the technical process: “We employ many light frequencies that are not standard, for instance near-infrared (NIR) LEDs.  Therefore, we had to patent our new technology and our new sensor module packages (and we are currently working with a big Japanese company to create these custom-made module packages).”

His team has developed a new way to evaluate the tissue light absorption data.  Further, another novelty is in the information used to estimate the glucose levels.  As he says, “we combine light absorption info with other physiological and individual physical data.  Our approach relies also on individual information, indeed; that helped us to solve some of the well-known problems linked to optical technology, like differences in skin pigmentations.”

GlucoScanner, a Non-Invasive Blood Glucometer: Interview with Stefano Valenzi

So far, GlucoScanner evaluation of blood glucose levels revealed accuracy better than other non-invasive optical devices.  Dynamic Brain Labs has already performed two experiments with the general public, inviting over 50 subjects in the Tokyo area.

The device will be applied on a finger.  “We have to reduce its size to make it smaller than a mobile phone.  We have already contacted the people responsible for miniaturization: it will cost about 130-150 thousand dollars.  This is why we use crowdfunding.  Then, of course, the device will be tested on as many patients as possible,” explains Stefano Valenzi.  “It will definitely change the life of diabetic persons.”




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