Not Science Fiction:  HoloLens Telemedicine Comes to EMS

Not Science Fiction: HoloLens Telemedicine Comes to EMS

- March 14, 2018

For the past three years, Exelus, a French MedTech company, has been developing Nomadeec, a HoloLens telemedicine app.  Nomadeec is a Hololens mixed-reality (MR) application that not only showcases the potentials of MR in medicine and healthcare, but also offers an initial demonstration showcasing that these AR (augmented reality) headset technologies can actually be used in promoting wellness and treatments in the field.

Normadeec is being used as an intuitive and secured mobile telemedicine platform for Emergency professionals. Compact and light, it easily sets up a complete digital assessment of the out-patient by featuring photos, videos, Scores, 12/18L ECG.

Nomadeec accelerates medical decision-making to maximize the patient’s chances of recovery.  The solution features a mobile application on a 4G tablet with a set of Bluetooth connected medical devices and a fully secured webApp for real-time patient review by EMS or physicians.
The product was built through a partnership between medical software company Exelus and HoloLens developer HoloForge. It is said to leverage the gesture-based commands of the HoloLens to give practitioners access to customizable modules for patient assessments, clinical exams, and patient profiles.

According to a recent report, “With Nomadeec, HoloLens can also act as a heads-up display for monitoring a patient’s vital signs, as the platform can connect to numerous types of medical devices, such as ECGs, thermometers, stethoscopes, and ultrasound devices, all via Bluetooth.”

Another useful feature: when practitioners need a second opinion from a medical professional, the Nomadeec system can connect them to other medical experts via video conference.

While Exelus and HoloForge emphasize Nomadeec’s HoloLens capabilities, the platform is also compatible with smartphones, tablets, and smartglasses running on iOS, Android, or Windows.

EMS can potentially greatly benefit from this innovation in medical technology.  The Nomadeec platform allows the EMS to consult the assessments of all the primary care effectors, and establish a videoconference, if necessary.  These prehospital patient reports, enriched by vital parameters, ECGs, photos and/or videos, are then shared with the recipient service and integrated directly into the patient file in the hospital.



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