December 11-13, 2021

MedTech Impact 2021

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Category: Patient Software / Programs

Not Science Fiction: HoloLens Telemedicine Comes to EMS

For the past three years, Exelus, a French MedTech company, has been developing Nomadeec, a HoloLens telemedicine app.  Nomadeec is a Hololens mixed-reality (MR) application that not only showcases the potentials of MR in medicine and healthcare, but also offers an initial demonstration showcasing that these AR (augmented reality) headset technologies can actually be used in promoting wellness and treatments in the field.

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Not Science Fiction:  HoloLens Telemedicine Comes to EMS

Healthcare in the Home: Technology & Patient Care

The increase in human lifespan—currently at an average of 80 years in developed countries—is often attributed to improved medical treatments and technologies, including innovations like the discovery of antibiotics and enhanced care for once-fatal occurrences like heart attacks. Yet advancements in medical technology also impact quality of life, particularly as people age. Many recent breakthroughs have improved seniors’ ability to remain healthy throughout the aging process, while simultaneously improving home care and challenges like overcrowded hospitals and remote populations.

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NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home: Updated & Upgraded

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), an independent non-profit organization that works to improve health care quality, has given its patient-centered medical home ‘a makeover’ in order to “reduce documentation burdens, lower costs, and facilitate quality improvements.”

The NCQA’s move marks a growing effort spearheaded by the healthcare industry’s leadership organizations in response to new technologies, uncertainty surrounding reimbursements, and heightened reporting requirements. The organization’s recent announcement of a comprehensive overhaul will enact changes that aim to create “a much more user-friendly version of the popular practice transformation framework that avoids the pain points of previous iterations of the program,” said Michael S. Barr, MD, Executive Vice President of the Quality Measurement and Research Group at NCQA.

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