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Our Speaker Tool Kit will provide you with marketing tools to promote your participation and increase attendance to your session(s). We will also use this page for housekeeping details, which will also be emailed to you as we work through the pre-show planning phase — and you can refer back here as well.


The conference program for the 2017 MedTech Impact Expo & Conference is now in place.  Explore the program here.


The attendee brochure can be emailed directly to your contacts, whether peers, clients or prospects. Simply click here to download the pdf, attach it to your email or include the link in your email, and extend an invitation for your contacts to register and attend your session.

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As show news is released, speakers will receive an email with pre-written social media posts to make it easy for you to quickly share with your own audience.  You can customize or write your own posts as well.

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Our editorial team at MedTech Impact News will be reaching out to you (and fellow panelists if applicable) to cover about your topic and lead into the value of attending your session in the months leading up to the conference.


MedTech Impact is focused on creating exposure opportunities for speakers, while also increasing exposure for the event.  We’re looking for videos, infographics, whitepapers, unique content, case studies or other content from speakers to share with our growing audience via social media and direct promotions.  Any materials or information speakers share with the MTI team will be promoted and credited accordingly, and used to generate interest and connect to the event.  If you have content to share, or ideas, please contact Heather Johnson, Event Director, [email protected].


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– The latest education and products in #medtech for Dec 14-15 in Vegas. @MedTechImpact http://bit.ly/2sm8OCB

– Join me @MedTechImpact in Vegas in December for the newest in #medtech http://bit.ly/2sm8OCB

– Learn how #medtech is changing the way medicine is practiced @MedTechImpact, Dec 14-15 in Vegas http://bit.ly/2sm8OCB


Facebook & Linked In:

– Learn how innovative technology is changing how medicine is practiced at the MedTech Impact Expo & Conference in Las Vegas this December 14-15. http://bit.ly/2sm8OCB

– The research, insight, case studies, best practices, and products and services that you’ll see at the MedTech Impact Expo & Conference will help you deliver better care to patients. Register now to get the best price. http://bit.ly/2sm8OCB


Social Media Tips:

– Use the official event HASHTAG – #medtechimpact

– Post about your participation and involvement on your social channels. Share with your audience details of what you’re looking forward to at the conference. You can link to the Preliminary Conference Brochure HERE and include it in the post.

– Plan ahead to post from the conference


The Quadruple Impact Challenge is a new competition aimed at highlighting and rewarding innovation in the medical technology market. This first-ever competition of its kind for the medtech industry will award a $10,000 cash grand prize to the overall winner at a live competition finale in Las Vegas on Thursday, December 14 at the MedTech Impact Expo & Conference.

Quadruple Impact Challenge partners, MedTech Impact/Tarsus Group and Medstro/MedTech Boston, will co-produce this unique competition that encourages innovation and accomplishes the Quadruple Aim – enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs, and improving the work life of health care providers, clinicians and staff.

Below are posts you can use to share the competition with your audience.


Sample Tweets

– Ideas to improve healthcare, doctor-patient connections, or data collection? Enter the Quadruple Impact Challenge. bit.ly/QuadrupleImpact

– How would you improve patient experiences, reduce costs, and help providers? Pitch your idea today! bit.ly/QuadrupleImpact #MedTechImpact

– Improve healthcare, win $10K! Submit your idea to the Quadruple Impact Challenge. bit.ly/QuadrupleImpact #MedTechImpact

– Clinicians, patients, everyone: tell us how you’d achieve the Quadruple Aim and win $10K bit.ly/QuadrupleImpact #MedTechImpact

– Ideas on how to enhance the patient/provider experience? We want to hear them! Submit today: bit.ly/QuadrupleImpact #MedTechImpact


Sample Copy for Facebook, LinkedIn:

Call for Submissions! The Quadruple Impact Challenge is an open call for on the ground solutions or ideas that are creating impact, big and small, in the changing environment of medicine. Finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas in front of a live audience at the MedTech Impact Conference and Expo, and one will win the $10,000 cash prize! Submit your idea: https://medstro.com/groups/quadruple-impact-challenge/pages/home


MedTech Impact has produced a new infographic to help clinicians see a high level view of the ever-changing medtech landscape and identify what tools are available to them.  This road map of technology solutions that impact patient care can help improve improve outcomes and keep patients connected and engaged.


Here’s where to download the infographic – please share this tool with your audience to help MedTech Impact gain exposure to a broader audience.  https://www.medtechimpact.com/medtechecosystem/


If your session includes a presentation, please prepare it in Microsoft PowerPoint format, and email to Karyn Gilbert, [email protected] by November 5, 2017.



Speakers will be automatically registered by our team, and badges will be available upon arrival to the registration desks at the conference. Details will be provided by email at a closer date.


If you wish to register a guest, please email the following information to Karyn Gilbert, [email protected]:  Guest full name, title, company, address, email address, and indicate whether this is a personal guest (not a member of the industry) or a professional guest.



To guarantee you receive the lowest rate available for your stay, MedTech Impact will reserve your hotel room within our housing block at the host hotel.  Please email your arrival and departure date to Karyn Gilbert, [email protected], by October 15, 2017. We will reach out in the weeks after that with any additional questions on hotel needs. Confirmation of your hotel reservation will be sent by email in the weeks leading up to the conference, along with your room rate.



Transportation to and from the event must be booked directly by the speaker.  Questions?  Email Karyn Gilbert, [email protected].