Medtech Insider: Tampa General Hospital Launches Telehealth Solutions

Medtech Insider: Tampa General Hospital Launches Telehealth Solutions

- October 18, 2019


Tampa General Hospital Launches Telehealth Diagnosing Stations

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) based in Florida, have launched new telehealth diagnosing stations to help hospital staff receive diagnoses for mid-to-minor concerns. Hospital staff at TGH are now able to enter self-contained telemedicine stations located inside the hospital for virtual life-sized consultations with physicians and automated pharmaceutical services. After six years of development with digital health company OnMed, the technology allows for video consultations with healthcare providers and features “built-in automated prescription drug dispensary, thermal imaging, ultraviolet sanitization and facial recognition to operate as self-contained, unstaffed exam rooms.” In a statement, Adam Smith, senior vice president of ambulatory services for TGH shared: “Right now, we are committed to prioritizing the wellness of our own team members by providing them access to instant care, when they need it.” Austin White, founding partner and CEO of OnMed, added: “We believe telehealth is the future, but in order to see long-term success, it has to go beyond a phone call with a doctor. This is why we created OnMed—to combine the clinical expertise and diagnostic capabilities of an in-person visit with the convenience and efficiency of a remote visit.”


Cerner Expands Reach in Federal Health Market

Health IT giant, Cerner has recently announced an agreement to acquire IT consulting and engineering firm AbleVets as a wholly owned subsidiary. In a statement, Travis Dalton, president of Cerner Government Services shared: “AbleVets has been a trusted partner to Cerner and is providing critical support to our federal programs.Integrating the team into our business is a natural next step of our relationship. We expect AbleVets’ technical expertise and execution in solving complex problems will accelerate Cerner’s success in providing integrated, seamless care for veterans, service members and their families.” The acquisition follows Cerner’s estimated $16 billion contract with both the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Defense to launch new EHR platforms. AbleVets and Cerner are expected to complete the transaction within the fourth quarter.


1.5 Million Patients’ Data Exposed In September Reported Breaches

According to a report from the U.S. federal government, in the month of September alone, nearly 1.5 million had their personal health data exposed in healthcare breaches, more than doubling the number of reported breaches in August. While the number of data breaches overall decreased, the number of patients exposed have significantly increased with three of the reported breaches affecting more than 100,000 individuals each. The largest breach came from OB-GYN practice, Women’s Care Florida which reported a breach of 528,000 patients. The federal report observed that hacking and IT incidents accounted for 62% of reported data breaches, while the remaining breaches were caused by theft, unauthorized access, or unauthorized disclosure of patient records.


Google hires Karen DeSalvo as First Chief Health Officer

Google recently announced the hire of former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and U.S. Assistant Secretary, Karen DeSalvo, for Health as their first-ever Chief Health Officer. Increasingly, Google’s parent company Alphabet is investing heavily in the health sector, with several recent high-profile hires signaling the tech giant’s plans to further expand into the industry. During her time as the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, DeSalvo spearheaded a series of EHR certification programs geared towards interoperability advancements and patient access. In her new role, DeSalvo will help advise Google on doctors and nurses across the company’s “cloud unit and Alphabet’s life sciences arm Verily.”



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