December 13-15, 2018

MedTech Impact 2018

Venetian/Palazzo Resort

Las Vegas, NV

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Category: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Medical Technology Provides a Way to Predict Death

Medical Technology Provides a Way to Predict Death

A new article shares how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping free up the extremely limited resources we so desperately need in medicine today.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a life-saving prediction.  This prediction is actually the first algorithm that monitors the vitals of a patient to predict potentially deadly events hours before they could have happened.

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Virtual Reality & Pain Reduction

Virtual Reality (VR) has been increasingly used to manage pain, trauma, and distress–particularly during painful medical procedures–as investigators hypothesize that VR acts as a nonpharmacologic form of analgesia by exerting “an array of emotional affective, emotion-based cognitive and attentional processes on the body’s intricate pain modulation system.” While originally recognized for its entertainment value, the application has expanded to a number of clinical areas.

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Virtual Reality: Potential for Parkinson’s

A newly published review of evidence and data has indicated that virtual reality (VR) holds potential for rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease, the neurodegenerative disorder that has historically been managed by a combination of medication and physiotherapy. Virtual reality technology has been proposed as a new and inventive rehabilitation tool, one that can potentially optimize motor learning and replicate real-life scenarios in order to improve functional activities.

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