Wearables Making Impact on Wellness Program

Wearables Making Impact on Wellness Program

- February 1, 2018

Employers and insurers are looking to wearable technology to gauge the progress of wellness programs on their workforce.

Firms are turning to wearables not just for participation and engagement data but also to ensure that their plans are more effective in improving outcomes and reducing risks to health, according to a Springbuk Report, “Employer Guide to Wearables 2.0” cited in ProBen.

Most employers in the study comment that their wellness programs are “wellness driven” thus making them ideal for wearables to track progress.  Common data being tracked includes changes in health risk, financial impact and improvements in clinical outcomes.  What’s more?  Almost 45% of employers are using data from wearables in planning their wellness programs.

According to Rod Reasen, CEO of Springbuk, employers like the wearables option because it helps provide participation and engagement data, and enhances the effectiveness of the wellness programs. In addition, data can be used to better invest wellness funds.

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