MedTech Impact offers you the opportunity to be on the front lines of medicine: a conference that gives healthcare professionals the ability to learn best practices and techniques while viewing and learning about the latest emerging technologies in the medical field. Through educational sessions, case studies, keynote addresses, and an exhibit hall that showcases technologies like wearables, biosensors, AI, virtual reality, practice management software and services and more, attendees can immediately harness the technologies in their practices, and effectively improve patient care.

The conference agenda and sessions will focus on the ways in which the latest technology is restructuring and redefining the spheres of medicine and healthcare, through hands-on demonstrations and exhibits from influential thought-leaders.


AI/Machine Learning - Precision Medicine

The medical technology landscape

Patient related outcomes and value

Virtual and augmented reality

How patients use technology to drive their own care

Technology’s role in disease management and creating a person-centered ecosystem

Big Data

Sensors and the IoT

Future of wearables


Dennis Robbins, M.D., MPH

Innovator, thought leader, and activist

Dr. Robbins’ distinguished career spans multiple sectors of health, wellness, health care, industry, medical and surgical devices and technology, disruptive innovation, ethics and policy. His initial work on patient-centric engagement and now person-centricity ™ has stimulated a major paradigmatic shift in how we think about health, healthcare, and next generation engagement across diverse ecosystems.