Since it’s founding, MedTech has educated medical professionals and industry decision-makers. By bridging these two sectors, MedTech has fostered communication and promoted the use of medical technology in healthcare: all while maintaining the development of patient-centered medical technology.

MedTech Impact on Wellness is continuously seeking to develop partnerships with organizations and institutions that share common goals–specifically those committed to advancing patient-centered digital health. Through these partnerships, MedTech is able to further promote its overarching mission: to strengthen the connection between digital health technologies to enhanced patient care & outcomes.

Through close collaboration with A4M, partnerships with MedTech lead to increased exposure, maximized reach, and connections with key decision makers.

MedTech partnership opportunities include:

Interview on our breakthrough podcast, Redefining MedTech

Guest blog posts on MedTech site

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts and shout outs


Digital Health Today

Digital Health Today is a leading podcast for insights and inspiration featuring the innovators, leaders and organizations transforming healthcare. We highlight and showcase the cutting-edge technologies and solutions that improve health, wellness and the delivery of care.

Future Tech Health

Future Tech Health Brings all the Latest News in the World of Medicine, Bioengineering, Keto, Stem Cell Technology and Much More. With the Latest Research and new procedures to help prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases as well as developing new techniques and medicines that can Reduce symptoms or treat ailments. Future Tech Health is the Hub for All of You Out There that aim to Live a Better and Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare IT Today (HITT) is an online-only publication.

We do more than just break news. We analyze daily events using our years of first-hand healthcare experience to create actionable insights for our readers. We provide Healthcare and Health IT commentary in our social feeds; we produce quick-hit videos on YouTube; and we deliver answers to the unasked questions about current healthcare trends.

HealthTech Insider

Health Tech Insider is a website and weekly email newsletter that publishes information about mobile and wearable products and services for health and medical applications, as well as about enabling technologies such as printed electronics, energy harvesting, and wireless communications.

Infoholic Research

Infoholic Research is a global market research company, that specializes in Information and communication technologies (ICT), Chemicals, Materials and Food, Healthcare, and Electronics and Semiconductors.
This is a young and dynamic organization in the market research arena, with a goal to help businesses interpret new insights to make the right decisions for their companies. Their in-depth customer, competitor and industry analysis aim to help companies devise successful brand strategies to accomplish their business goals.


Transforming news into insights, not only do we serve as a source of information but as the breeding ground for innovative ideas and exchange of breath-taking strategies that can make a difference in your technological understanding. We bring forth an enhanced, clever and a comprehensive platform which can assist the information seekers a filtered view of what they are searching. Our technology magazine is spearheading a revolution to provide knowledgeable articles written in simple yet lucid language that can give an insight into the latest in the world of technology.

Lincoln Health Network

Lincoln Health Network is the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and life sciences go-to source for thought leadership and industry news. Our research is driven through industry case studies – providing actionable data, benchmarking, and insights into leading programs. Along with our leading regulatory and compliance information, our events provide a dynamic platform for professionals to gain new education, expand your network and drive business results. Lincoln Health conferences, summits, and workshops connect decision makers with peer networking, technology solutions, and cutting-edge peer-driven content.

Media Planet

Mediaplanet is a leading independent publisher specializing in the creation of industry-specific content marketing campaigns distributed across the media landscape within national newspapers, top publications, events and relevant online platforms. We tell meaningful stories that educate our audience by addressing knowledge gaps in the industries we cover and positioning our clients as solution providers. Our unique ability to pair the right leaders with the right readers, through the right mediums, has made Mediaplanet a global content marketing powerhouse. Our award-winning stories have won the hearts of countless readers while serving as a valuable platform for brands and their missions.

Medical Technologies Journal

Medical Technologies Journal is an online international refereed journal. It aims to publish an interdisciplinary research findings and innovations in medicine, sciences and technologies. The journal is available for open access and ensure a funded publication charges.


Medstro is an online community software and innovation challenge platform customized to your health care organization’s unique needs and designed to increase efficiencies and performance through collaboration and stakeholder engagement. Our internally-focused challenges allow organizations to draw ideas and solutions from internal crowds and invited audiences, while our externally-focused challenges tap into our established network of 250,000+ of the brightest minds in science, medicine, and healthcare.  

MedTech Outlook

MedTech Outlook is a superlative podium for suppliers to showcase their products and services and healthcare industry professionals to connect with a global audience of decision-makers. Its unique learn-from-peer approach creates an immense impact in the U.S. market, adding a big difference in this continuously evolving medical tech arena.

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