Since it’s founding, MedTech has educated medical professionals and industry decision-makers. By bridging these two sectors, MedTech has fostered communication and promoted the use of medical technology in healthcare: all while maintaining the development of patient-centered medical technology.

MedTech Impact on Wellness is continuously seeking to develop partnerships with organizations and institutions that share common goals–specifically those committed to advancing patient-centered digital health. Through these partnerships, MedTech is able to further promote its overarching mission: to strengthen the connection between digital health technologies to enhanced patient care & outcomes.

Through close collaboration with A4M, partnerships with MedTech lead to increased exposure, maximized reach, and connections with key decision makers.

MedTech partnership opportunities include:

Interview on our breakthrough podcast, Redefining MedTech

Guest blog posts on MedTech site

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts and shout outs


Digital Health Today

Digital Health Today is a leading podcast for insights and inspiration featuring the innovators, leaders and organizations transforming healthcare. We highlight and showcase the cutting-edge technologies and solutions that improve health, wellness and the delivery of care.

Infoholic Research

Infoholic Research is a global market research company, that specializes in Information and communication technologies (ICT), Chemicals, Materials and Food, Healthcare, and Electronics and Semiconductors.
This is a young and dynamic organization in the market research arena, with a goal to help businesses interpret new insights to make the right decisions for their companies. Their in-depth customer, competitor and industry analysis aim to help companies devise successful brand strategies to accomplish their business goals.


Transforming news into insights, not only do we serve as a source of information but as the breeding ground for innovative ideas and exchange of breath-taking strategies that can make a difference in your technological understanding. We bring forth an enhanced, clever and a comprehensive platform which can assist the information seekers a filtered view of what they are searching. Our technology magazine is spearheading a revolution to provide knowledgeable articles written in simple yet lucid language that can give an insight into the latest in the world of technology.

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