Throughout the history of the practice of medicine, medical technology has been used to assist medical professionals with the efficient delivery of care. From simpler medical devices such as syringes and stethoscopes to more advanced equipment and software like MRI scanners and electronic health records, medical technology has long served as a vital partner within the scope of healthcare.

Within the past decade, medical technology has rapidly advanced. Fueled by the continual progression of general technology, digital health has developed into a problem-solving branch of healthcare. Research studies are increasingly finding that medical technologies can simplify medical administrative functions, lower payers’ costs, increase access to care, and improve the overall delivery of healthcare. The integration of technology into the medical field is reshaping the field of medicine and MedTech Impact is an event designed to combine all involved stakeholders in collaborative discussion toward improved product solutions and implementations.

Since the inception of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in 2004, the implementations of the HITECH Act (2009) and the FSASIA Act (2012) have continued to provide instructive guidelines and promote positive change within the digital health industry. Through various case studies and extensive research, the ONC confirms that medical technology continues to benefit healthcare delivery by

Decreasing the amount of invasive and costly diagnostic tests and treatment procedures

Allowing physicians to effectively coordinate patient care through timely access to patient health records

Improving chronic disease monitoring

Increasing quality improvement for private practices

Improving population health management while increasing value based care

Increasing patient engagement

Notwithstanding these extensive and wide-scaled improvements, medical technology and the world of digital health continue to yield untapped, seemingly endless potential. Spearheaded by growing financial and clinical investments, medical devices and software programs continue to progress in sophistication and efficiency. Today’s medical technology is designed to provide solutions for diseases & disorders that have long been accepted as unavoidable.

In light of this rapid innovation and positive growth within the ever-evolving digital health world, MedTech Impact on Wellness is engineered to inform and equip medical professionals seeking to elevate their practices and hospitals. MedTech aims to advance the field of digital health and operates from the belief that partnering health technologies with innovative medical professionals can drastically improve the quality of life for patients.