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MedTech Impact Expo & Conference brings together medical providers, hospital administrators, technology developers and manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and investors for a two-day dialogue that focuses on the advent and proliferation of medical technology; assessing its current developments and its future impact on the transformations in healthcare. Healthcare practitioners and professionals will be introduced to the latest technologies, products, and services that can track patient progress, assist with diagnoses, prevent and manage disease, and improve overall patient care.

Medtech Impact Conference Topics Include
AI/Machine Learning
Precision Medicine
Technology Landscape
Patient Related Outcomes
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Patient Driven Care
Disease Management
Big Data

The MedTech Impact 2017 Conference will provide sessions that offer scientifically-based research and insight from thought-leaders in the field, coupled with lessons learned through case-studies and peer-to-peer sharing of best-practices and protocols. Attendees will gain an increased understanding of the ways in which to harness technology, to increase practice efficiency and improve patient care.

Keynote Speakers

Pablos Holman

Thursday, December 14

Hackers have minds that are optimized for discovery – violating warranties and our instinct about what is possible with new technologies. Hackers are like scientists, but without all the formal training and accountability that could slow them down. This discovery process is fundamental to invention. We need to rescue hackers from the computer security department and get them into product development.

Pablos will discuss some of the invention projects under way at the Intellectual Ventures Lab, and their efforts to create an Invention Capital market. He will also be showing off some of the super powers that hackers possess, so leave your computers at home.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Friday, December 15 

Patient empowerment and engagement through technological advancements including wearable technology, sensors, point-of-care diagnostics, 3D Printing, Tissue Engineering, Power of the Crowd, data, networks, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics. These are some of the accelerating technologies set to fundamentally change healthcare and allow the patient to be in control of their own health.


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