AHA Delivers Heart Disease Research to the Home

AHA Delivers Heart Disease Research to the Home

- May 22, 2017

The American Heart Association, the nation’s leading research organization dedicated to the prevention of heart disease and stroke—the two leading causes of worldwide death—has partnered with one of the nation’s ‘leading home care providers’ to deliver research straight to the homes of seniors in America.

Statistics indicate that every 90 seconds, an American dies of heart disease, and approximately 85.6 million Americans live with a form of cardiovascular disease. A few weeks ago, the home care startup Honor has collaborated with the AHA to bring the latter’s latest research on heart disease and stroke from the lab to the homes of patients who suffer from heart disease, or are recovering from a stroke.

The research will provide science-based, clinical information to home healthcare professionals, in order to spur better patient treatment, and so individuals have the capacity to better educate themselves on prevention, treatment, and care. The technology-driven initiative is a facet of a broader movement that organizations like the AHA have created, hoping to impact patient care ‘beyond clinical trials and hospital treatments.’ Similar agreements have been made between Honor and the National Parkinson Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association.

Honor’s primary aim is to take guidelines and scientific statements for cardiovascular disease and translate them into language and formats that patients can easily understand: delivering accurate, scientific content to customers that will ultimately lead to better health, and “lead to a better healthy life.” While the AHA has traditionally worked with primarily physicians, in order to pass guidelines for treating heart disease to patients who suffer from stroke and high blood pressure, patients must receive information on a more consistent basis, and from a reliable source.

Ultimately, Honor will incorporate research and best care practices into its mobile app, Honor Family App, which will not only give caregivers the latest tools and knowledge immediately, but also allow patients and their families to track care. Honor provides home health care in the form of medication reminders, check-in visits from skilled care advisors, wellness needs, grocery shopping lists, and companionship.

Through this collaboration, Honor Care Pros will be directly trained surrounding the latest research from the AHA, which will be further specialized and personalized. Honor’s team of engineers have designed software that matches caregivers to patients, based on both the patient’s condition and the caregiver’s background training. The company’s software is also integrated with an application for caregivers, patients, and other family members, in order to create technology that is accessible and usable to everyone through any web-based device. App and website users will have the ability to ‘schedule hospital pickups, assistance running errands, or rides from a friend’s home.” They can also give feedback and develop and build relationships with caregivers.

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