Healthcare Options Abound with New Mobile App

Healthcare Options Abound with New Mobile App

- February 8, 2018

Say hello to Welloh.  It’s a new mobile app that will make it easier for consumers to access many different health care services, including Convenient Care facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and more. The new app is offered as a free download for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The new app is intended to give consumers more control over their healthcare costs. Out of pocket healthcare expenses have more than doubled since 2011.  Providing consumers with more healthcare options allows them to shop for the best pricing.

“The information that would enable consumers to make choices about healthcare services has never been easy to find.  This puts consumers at a big disadvantage,” notes Michael Ehrhart, co-founder of Welloh.  He adds that the app delivers information in a quick, easy-to-use format, so that consumers instantly review available options and make informed healthcare choices on their mobile phone, no matter the time or location.

Among the specific features of Welloh:

  • High-quality alternatives to emergency room care
  • Unbiased user reviews of local medical facilities and practices
  • Directions to urgent care centers, hospitals and pharmacies
  • Daily tips for making better, faster, smarter care choices
  • Access to hospital rankings
  • Blog posts on new trends in healthcare decision making

In promoting Welloh, the company focuses on its capability to allow travelers, whether business or vacationers, to instantly locate medical facilities, wherever their location may be.

The app also offers health care tips and other useful content. “Included on the app is a Tip Section which posts new content daily regarding health & wellness trends, healthcare news, advances in healthcare technology and how to spend smart money on healthcare,” according to the company announcement.


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