Telehealth Centers to be Available at Publix Supermarkets

Telehealth Centers to be Available at Publix Supermarkets

- February 23, 2018

Wellness is sprouting up everywhere.  Now, it has made it to supermarkets.  A joint program by Publix and BayCare Health Systems calls for the launch of Walk In Care telehealth kiosks at 26 Publix Pharmacies by the end of 2018.

What is Walk in Care?

Basically, it is a private room where non-urgent medical care is easily accessible to shoppers.  Board-certified doctors provide the care by way of teleconferencing and medical diagnostic equipment.

The kiosk is interactive and user-friendly. Shopper/patients are instructed to enter their symptoms and work with medical tools such as thermometers, otoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and high definition cameras to help doctors come up with a diagnosis.

“We are excited to bring access to high-quality, compassionate care through this convenient and innovative technology,” said Glenn Waters, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at BayCare Health System.  “Our goal is to improve the health of our community by helping individuals access the right level of care in the right place. Our collaboration with Publix helps us do just that.”

Publix opened its first Walk In Care Center this past December in Florida.  It hopes that together with its pharmacies, the new telehealth centers will more closely bind the costumer to the brand and Publix to the physician community.



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